You DO NOT Need to Sacrifice Everything That Matter Most To You To Create a 7 Figure Network Marketing Business

You're Ready To...

  • Create a wildly profitable 7 figure network marketing business working less than 20 hours a week.
  • Instantly eliminate mom guilt and be more present with your family than ever before while simultaneously adding thousands of dollars to your bank account.
  • Immediately find 2 hidden hours each day and put them towards becoming one of the top earners in your company.
  • Build generational wealth and be the example your kids deserve.

Do you ever feel like you should be making more money for the amount of sacrifices and effort you're putting into your business?

You wake up at 4a and rush through your morning routine as fast as you can in hopes that you catch 30 minutes to invite before your 3 kids wake up.

The kids rush in 20 minutes later looking for snuggles interrupting your flow, leaving you feeling irritated and lashing out when deep down you know it's not their fault.

You pride yourself on building your business in the mom cracks even though you're stalking Instagram stories the entire day and avoiding the actions that actually move your business forward.

You tell your family all this sacrifice will be worth it, but everyday it pains you to say 'Sorry sweetie, 10 more minutes' and you put on a cartoon to squeeze in another 30.

You're spending hours a day grinding, but your team isn't doing anything but complaining and you feel like you're talking to yourself on social media.


Everything is crumbling and builders are quitting faster than you can recruit.

You read all the personal development, listen to all the podcasts, get on all the team calls and see the top leaders in your company walking across stage being celebrated and you start to think....


You complain to your spouse about how hard your day was and wonder why he doesn't support you, when deep down you know he is not getting the best of you and your marriage is on the rocks.

You go to bed feeling defeated and exhausted and you know you're about to wake up to the exact same day all over again.

But You Keep Hanging On Because You're Still Willing to Fight For...

  • Financial freedom that allows you to pay off credit card debt and take that trip to Disney you've been putting off for years

  • Creating a team full of women that are willing to show up and do the work

  • A 7 figure business that still allows you to walk your kids to the bus and welcome them with open arms when they walk in the door

  • The cabin on the lake to create precious memories with your family

  • Saying yes to every dance camp and all the drum lessons his heart desires

  • The spark in your marriage that you know still exists

  • That walk across the stage as you show your team what's possible

If you've been trying to create more income and feel like you're spinning your wheels, it's not your fault.

You've been told for years that in order to build a 7 figure business you need to 10X your effort. And it's simply not true.

Well, there's one thing I know for sure....


So how do you get into absolute alignment, so you can create a wildly profitable 7 figure network marketing business while only working 20 hours a week?

The answer is NOT sending 100 invites and following up with everyone who watches your stories.

The answer is NOT setting your alarm an hour earlier.

And the answer is certainly NOT sacrificing more time from the people you love the most.

The Answer Is...

The A-Z Roadmap To Build a 7 Figure Network Marketing Business that Fills Your Life With Purpose and Joy & Allows You To Simultaneously Say Yes To Precious Time With Your Family

Ignite Your Life Is For The Network Marketer Who Is....

  • Ready to build a 7 figure income working less than 20 hours a week.
  • Seeing some success, but wants more JOY and less OVERWHELM.
  • Trying to scale her business but doesn't know where to focus or what to do next.
  • Called to realign her business practices, processes and activities in order to find more purpose, flow and harmony.

Ignite Your Life is NOT for You If....

  • You just want to collect more information without taking any action.
  • You are a brick and mortar business or a course creator.
  • You haven't gone through the most basic training that your company offers.

Hi, I'm Micah Folsom!

Wife to a cattle rancher + large animal vet, mom to 5 kids (3 gingers), host of the Do Your Crap Podcast, and have been building a multi 7 figure network marketing business for the past 9 years.
and we even homeschool these cuties on our small farm in Idaho.

Sounds like a lot, right? And guess what?!? I'm not even losing my shiz! ha!

I created Ignite Your Life because I want to share with you the exact roadmap that has allowed us to build a wildly successful and deeply fulfilling business and life.

If I can do it, so can you. Everything you want and feel called towards is possible for you too.

Over the past 9 years, I've been in the network marketing industry, in the health & fitness space. I'm a top leader within my company and still actively build my business. 

My goal is not to have you join my team, but to unlock your next level of growth, success and impact in your chosen network marketing company.

I absolutely LOVE our industry and want to empower and equip you to experience way more success in life WITHOUT having to sacrifice everything you love most in order to achieve it.

And most importantly, I want to help you do it in a way that feels joyful and aligned with your values.

Ignite Your Life will help you achieve everything you want and so much more. Let's get started!


MODULE 1 : Become Limitless

Remove Fear, Reframe Failure & Sacrifice, Let Go of Limiting Stories, Improve Your Self Image

Get clear on what's possible for your life when you learn how to manage your fear, let go of limiting stories, and improve your self image so that you become extremely consistent and never lose motivation.

MODULE 2 : Define Success

Get Aligned, Set Goals that Light You Up, Learn The Art of Saying No

Get clear on what actually matters most to you by setting aligned goals that fulfill you each and every day, so that you sky rocket your network marketing business.

MODULE 3 : Mornings & Vision

Build a Solid Morning Routine, Create Your Vision Story, Become Committed

The goal of a morning routine is not to check the boxes. Learn the secret to feel alive each day regardless of how much time you get to yourself.

MODULE 4 : Brand & Expand

Build Your Brand, Find Your Voice, Identify Your Pillars, Expand Your Market

Unlock the 4 pillars of personal branding, so you easily increase your following and convert them into paying customers and dedicated teammates.

MODULE 5 : Sales With Soul

Reframe Sales, Build Income, Overcome Your Sales Roadblocks, Access my Personal Success Tracker

Become a 7 figure sales machine who instantly beats objections and confidently shares your products and opportunity with as many people as possible.

MODULE 6 : Systems to Simplify

Master Your Instagram, Simplify Onboarding, Automate Your Emails

7 figure CEOs don't just wing it, we have systems. Create the discipline and structure within your business to experience the freedom you crave.

MODULE 7 : CEO Habits

Set Business Hours & Boundaries, Learn Time Blocking, Power Pockets & Habit Stacking, Delegate

Discover how successful network marketers grow their business while still honoring family values and highest priorities.

"Yes! It's actually possible to work less and make more." ~Micah Folsom

MODULE 8 : Build Your Empire

Master Recruiting, Attract Your Dream Team, Empower Your Team

Become a recruiting rockstar and discover how to quickly build belief in your new team members, so that your volume and paychecks increase.

MODULE 9 : Ignite Your Leadership

Cast Team Vision, Build a Strong Culture, Balance Acquisition & Retention

This is where team becomes family. People will join you and actually stay with you.

MODULE 10 : Build Your List

Simplify Email Marketing & Funnels, Access My Monthly Email Marketing Flow

Stop living in your DMs. Email marketing DOES NOT need to be overwhelming. Unlock the greatest asset to a 7 figure business.

"Shifting from thinking like a network marketer to building like an entrepreneur is essential! And building an email list is part of that shift. Creating consistency here simplifies this process in a BIG way." ~Micah Folsom

MODULE 11 : Avoid Burnout

Absolute Alignment, Long Term Perspective, Keep Your Fire Lit

This is where it all comes together. Discover how prioritizing your family over business is the key to unlock 7 figure success.

MODULE 12 : Build Your Legacy

Create Generational Wealth, Prioritize Family Harmony

Building your legacy starts now. Live out your highest priorities so that you build a level of wealth & harmony that impacts your family for generations to come.


Ignite Your Life may not be cheap and there's a reason for it.

It shows you exactly how to build a 7 figure network marketing business working less than 20 hours a week.

It's not some $249 course that tells you to send 10 more invites and follow/unfollow 50 more people to grow your engagement.

It's a powerful investment in yourself that pays huge dividends in your future.

One that will pay you back for the rest of your life. This is about creating lasting change. This is about creating a life on your terms without sacrificing memories with your family.

It's a transformation that frees you from the burnout and overwhelm that gets in your way every time you try to succeed.

It's EXACTLY what I've done to create almost 10 million dollars in income in the past 10 years.

And when you weigh all that against the investment and what it will do for you and your future, it's an easy choice.

I Have Some Extra "Goodies" For You

The 12 Modules of Ignite Your Life will help you totally align your business with your most important priorities.

When you join Ignite Your Life, you also get 2 extra bonuses to make your progress even faster, and your success even easier!

Starting with...

IGNITE YOUR LIFE Is The Missing Link to Create Your 7 Figure Network Marketing Business

You Should Only Join Ignite Your Life If You Want To....

  • Wake up each morning without feeling rushed and behind, excited for your kids to barge in and give you a big hug.

  • Create sustainable systems that allow you to scale to 6 and 7 figures without overwhelm or missing your kids grow up.

  • Increase followers and engagement on social media that actually convert to paying clients and dedicated team members.

  • Prioritize your family over your business and still see success without burnout.

  • Grow your team with the right people who align with your values and energy.

  • Become the confident mentor your team needs so you build a downline of leaders who do not rely on you.

And if that's what you're finally ready to experience, enroll in Ignite Your Life today!

Choose Your Investment Path

Picture Your Life When You...

  • Give to your kids schools, your local church or even surprise your husband with that dream Alaskan fishing trip because you have complete financial freedom.

  • See your team walking across stage being recognized for earning over a million dollars with your company.

  • Spend summers at your cabin on the lake or renting an RV and hitting up the National Parks with your family.

  • Go on couples trips without the kids to keep your spark alive ;)

  • Wake up every morning in your dream home on 40 acres that's been on your vision board for the past 5 years.

  • Experience peace, gratitude and satisfaction knowing you were the one who broke the chains of mediocrity in your family.

Are you ready to make a choice that'll change not only the course of your business, but also the legacy you create for your family?

If Yes... Join me in Ignite Your Life and I’ll empower you to create the life and business success you truly deserve.